The 4 elements of showing hospitality

HOSPITALITY…. The friendly reception and treatment of guests….the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests in a warm, kind and friendly way….
Hospitality is a way of life that we should savor, an art to be practiced…

At Bonnybrooke, we enjoy the opportunity to be a blessing to our guests…it’s such a pleasure getting to do it more often than if we just had the occasional house guest visit….
“….feels like home”….quite possibly the warmest compliment to be received…!!!

But it’s for all to enjoy, so I’ve put together some thoughts on what might be done in your own home, when you have the pleasure of guests, visiting ….here we go….gonna be FUN…

4 elements of showing hospitality could be summed up simply…

*Welcoming (their presence is important, valued)
*Engaging (feel pampered, but not overwhelmed)
*Simplicity in gift giving (aware of event, memory, or occasion)

*Show love in all you do..❣ ❣
Some of the ways to accomplish these goals are as varied as are your guests..

Some examples might be… Anniversary

If 6 years… a pretty little ribboned pkg of 6 cookies 🍪
61 years… 6 chocolate covered strawberries 🍓 …and a chocolate covered cherry in the

middle ( for the cherry on top..!!!)

Think of little things your guest might use, but failed to bring and present in a little basket Qtips
Eye drops
Band aids
Cotton pads
Hair clips
Fingernail file/clippers
Even an umbrella….!!!

A single piece of chocolate cake…and don’t forget a candle A card hidden…easily to be found
Surprises, no matter how small..always a blessing

Past memory…desiring to replace with a better one
Any little memorable gift…to always remind them of sweeter and better things to come… maybe a pretty little box…with a few encouraging words inside
A book of kind quotes

Event, situation, circumstance that you might be aware of
Any small remembrance gift, Just showing that they were on your mind…that you remembered a particular thing about them….will be greeted with a smile in their hearts, every time it’s seen in the future

If a couple is coming for her birthday
You might help her mate with some suggestion…
Hide little gifts….EVERYWHERE….tiny little gifts
Cozy socks
Stuffed bear with sentiments… ( I love you heart)
Tasty lip gloss (for kisses to be shared later)
Candy kisses
Cards…. lots of cards… funny ones…romantic ones…
Games to play together later
Hair barrettes…
Just about any little thing… girls like that sort of thoughtfulness..!!

Guests that just need a respite from the world…and have blessed you with being their peaceful haven, a goodie basket is fun
Breakfast bread
Special blend coffee/teas
(We enjoy gifting this for a 3 day weekend stay at Bonnybrooke atop Misty Mtn)

Your goodie basket could also be a spa basket..( bubble bath, unique soaps, scrubs, etc)

And ALWAYS a note…!!!! Words written are not overrated….and they can be kept, just adding to the memory….
And any package or bag used in your presentation …a bouquet of curly ribbons and bows add SO much festivity…!!!

There are so many ways to show love ❤ … and the more you do it, the more creative you’ll

become…and even more delighted to do again..
ITS ADDICTIVE…with no adverse side effects…!!! And you’ll find, if it’s been awhile since


We’d welcome the opportunity to show you Bonnybrooke hospitality…it would be our honor and a delight to serve you….❣ ❣ ❣

you’ve had the chance to bless….you’ll not be settled til you get your FIX….


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