Real Guest Reviews – BonnyBrooke Luxury Cabins in Eureka Springs

Real Guest Reviews taken from our guest books in each room – we have thousands of happy guest over the years and would like to share a few of their comments with you! Enjoy, we certainly have!

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We’re located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas


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MoonflowerBarn RoseGarden of Eden

Moonflower (Click here to learn more about Moonflower)

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect place for our get away! We thoroughly enjoyed and took advantage of our private slice of the mountains. Once we are back home to our three sons, we will remember our wonderful relaxing evening here and smile. Thanks for making everything so perfect and wonderful.You will certainly have a special place in heaven for what you have done here on earth….this is our new recommend to couples needing a getaway! We will be back but not soon enough…T.D.

The cabin is gorgeous…we will be back….T.F.

We love your mountain and seclusion. This is perfect for any couple needing to re-connect from the stress factor. T.M.

A poem for Moonflower- Here is a poem just for you!

Our time in the Moonflower suite
Was one that was very unique
When we entered the door, it was love at first sight,
We knew everything was going to be alright!

As we depart, my mind goes back to all the love shown in this cute little cottage. We would like to say THANKYOU!! for the time we had and for making our hearts joyful and glad! S.

From the seclusion and privacy to the special touches and goody basket, we could not have asked for more. Thankyou so much for sharing your beautiful farm. We will return for more stays. C.S.

Upon entering your cottage, it was refreshing to hear the music Your cottage was like a safe and relaxing haven for us. We could just talk, and relax and enjoy each others company. Thank you for sharing it with us, we look forward to our next visit. C.T.

We really enjoyed our stay in Moonflower! It was just what we needed – peaceful, quiet, romantic and relaxing! We loved the beautiful view and the glass shower experience. It was like showering in the woods! The relaxing music was also very nice. A very beautiful place. We will be back and would like to stay in Moonflower again. Thanks for an enjoyable stay – K. P.

Loved all the special little extras, especially the devotional books..such a blessing, not found many places!

How amazing to find such a treasure hidden away in the mountains of Arkansas. You have taken part of God’s creation and preserved it to share. We are thankful to be a part of this amazing place. Everything was wonderful and relaxing. The music upon entering set the mood for our entire trip. Thanks for taking the time to make sure all the small things were taken care of.We could tell from the beginning that God was first in your life, as HE is in ours! Your Christian love really showed through! P.S. The squirrels lead us to the peach tree, they were divine! R. S.

My wife and I would like to express our gratitude for your lovely little oasis. This must be somewhat like Heaven will be.F. J.

What a beautiful and relaxing place! We are heading back refreshed. We appreciate all your loving and thoughtful touches – the plants, the goody basket, the soft music playing, the privacy. We will be back! S. M.

The moonflower is wonderful. Could not have asked for more. It is so peaceful here and the sunrises are awesome. If you listen closely you can hear the squirrels run across the roof. It is so enchanting. We will miss this place a lot and hope to come back. Thankyou for this wonderful experience! D. C.

You did a very good job to think of all the extras that made this a special weekend. L. K.

God has truly blessed this beautiful place, and we in turn have received a blessing through our stay. S. B.

For the second time, we have once again enjoyed our stay. The view is spectacular! Thankyou for the peace and privacy of your mountain. D. K.

Our stay here has been wonderful! We especially enjoyed the sweet spirit that enveloped us and ushered us into a precious bonding time. Our souls are quieted and we long to remain in this tranquil haven. True comfort for all the senses. We’ll be back. J.K.

This is truly a blessed Misty Mountain! Thankyou! A.F.

We needed a place that was quiet and peaceful and this was perfect. We could really feel God’s precious peace here and I believe that a part of His presence rests here at Bonnybrooke. Thankyou for allowing God to provide, through you, such a loving and peaceful place to share. R.L.

We really appreciated the privacy and you have just thought of every little detail we might have needed. We certainly will tell our friends about Bonnybrooke Farm and make time to come back. Thankyou for making our stay memorable. T.K.

This is our last morning waking up to such a beautiful view! You’ve thought of everything for us to enjoy……E.F.

Enjoyed the beautiful view of God’s Mountain….We really enjoyed the thoughtfulness in the goodies and the bread. A lot of thought has gone into creating such a place as “Bonnybrooke Farm”. S.J

Thanks for sharing your retreat with us. After visiting around town, we knew we had made a great choice with our “Bonny hideaway”. J.M.

The eatheral view and feeling is what most of us are missing in our lives. Your cottage is as reverant as the hand that guided you in designing it. I hope that all your endeavors bring you as much pleasure as you have brought to others.L.D.

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We’re located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas


Thankyou so much for your sincere hospitality. Your attention to detail is amazing. You have made it feel like home. This retreat is wonderful because of its privacy and reverence to God. God Bless You (He did us)! S.K.

What a lovely view from this cute little barn! B.S.

Thanks for your hospitality and the pond made for a beautiful wedding. It could not have been any better, the barn is gorgeous.C.J.

Barn Rose has a strong spiritual connection for happiness, peace and contentment. We will definetly be back for more of this relaxing retreat!

We’ve enjoyed our time here at Barn Rose, the view is spectacular and the property is SO QUIET!!!! Thankyou for the hospitality, we had a very relaxing time in this very unique place. We’ll tell all our friends and family about spending the night in a barn, and visiting with 3 deer this morning. We all had breakfast together! C.C.

Thank you so much for making the good happen with such beauty around it. K.M.

Thank you for making our day wonderful. Great place…feels like home. B.L.

In the attempt to escape the daily grind this barn is a stellar find. The view of the mist sleeping in the valley just adds a calming charm. J.A.

We especially enjoyed the view and sitting on the deck watching the stars. WOW! What a creator.

Thankyou! Words can’t express any more than the previous guests, how wonderful and relaxing you place is!!!K.C.

We’ve experienced a very tranquil, refreshing start to a new year! It is so comfortable, beyond any expectations! J.M.

Nothing like a room with a view!!! It truly is breathtaking! D.T.

WOW!! This place was great. What a GREAT VIEW!! Valentines Day! It snowed while we in the jacuzzi, What an awsome view of a gift from God….well 2 actually… the snow and my wife. How perfect is that! A.S.

Your barn is absoluetly awsome. The most romantic setting that we have experienced in the 20 years of marriage. We truly appreciate the serenity and peaceful place you provide. This is better than any vacation we’ve ever taken! With much love and happiness…THANKYOU!!! L.R.

I would like to Thankyou so much for this “slice of Heaven”…BARN ROSE! not only romantic…it has been extremely peaceful. I am in awe of all the little details you have put into this “home away from home”! You have a beautiful farm here and I look forward to my next visit!!S.S.

Barn Rose was an oasis of quiet, romance, renewal and rest!C.T.

All we can say is WOW!!! This is so beautiful…we are very grateful for everything!! The surroundings were absolutely perfect for a relaxing honeymoon! M.H.

I’m so glad we decided to spend our honeymoon here. It was so much more than I’d expected. The peaceful charm of this place, just put romance in our hearts.J.T.

The Barn Rose is very unique and relaxing, with a great view. We appreciate the care in which it was prepared. J.M.

The very first thing we noticed was an unmistakable peace of the Lord that dwells in this “little cottage”.S.S.

The Lord’s presence is very obvious in everything here and the refreshing is beyond words. It’s our 2nd time here and we hope to return again.R.R.

After 2 days we are still saying WOW! We sat on the balcony this morning, soaking up the sun, discussing when we could come back. We haven’t even left yet and already miss the PEACE AND QUIET!!! Thanks for all the little extras you place around the barn.P.D.

Breathingtaking view…Breakfast bread…
Awakening of souls…
Natures wonder…
Renewal and reconnection…
Omnipresence of God…
Serenity and sweet memories…
Eager to return!!!

In Eph 3:20, God promised He would do exceedingly and abundantly beyond all we could think, hope, ask, or dare to dream…He showed us that this weekend in the Barn Rose. Thankyou for allowing Him to use you to bless us and so many others. B.D.

Words can’t express our enchantment, when we opened the door of the Barn Rose! What a safe haven of warmth and peace you have achieved here atop Misty Mountain…A.M.

You have somehow managed to capture the serenity that my husband and I have been looking for…T.A.

The moment we walked through the door…we felt a peace that we haven’t felt in our lives for quite some time. Thankyou for giving us that. We had a beautiful time! D.M.

Thank you so much for giving us this beautiful Garden of Eden to enjoy. From the moment we walked in the door, we knew this place was special. Your careful attention to detail is superb. It seemed there was another surprise everywhere we looked. Your kindness made us feel so welcome and we were immediately right at home. We feel so blessed to have found such an ideal place with such a gracious host. You have a special way of making us feel like we are V.I.P.;s, and after reading the other notes, we know that we aren’t the only ones who feel this way. Can’t wait to come back. J.S.

The cottage is just beautiful. We’ll be back. W.C.

…your place has made our get-a-way so special. We felt like we were in paradise, your personal touches made it so special. Thankyou for your hospitality. M.J.

Thankyou for sharing this precious gift of Garden of Eden-this has been an indescribable experience….D.D.

Thank you, You have a little slice of paradise, here….K.B.

We had a wonderful time here. The peace and privacy is just what we needed. The little touches and things you did to make it special, were noticed and appreciated. We look forward to returning for more memory making experiences here. A.J.

Wonderful, we’re already planning a return visit. Your attention to every detail and the special care you put into this cottage “The Garden of Eden”, makes it the perfect place to get away to and so hard to leave.L.C.

A beautiful, romantic hideaway. We had a WONDERFUL time. J.B.

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We’re located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas


We loved the cabin. The decorations and little extras made this a truly memorable getaway. We visit Eureka every year and like to try new places, but we enjoyed this so much, we hope to stay with you again next year. B.J.

Beauty and peace, this is a wonderful place. We loved everything about our cottage. God has given you a special gift in this piece of land. I thank you for seeing that and sharing it with others…K.M.

We needed this BEAUTIFUL,SOULFUL,retreat!!! Thankyou for all the personal touches, beauty, nature,and bubbles!!J.C.

This is our 4th trip here. It just keeps getting better! We love Garden of Eden. The decor is wonderful and the place is so quaint and cozy. We had a great time playing games in the loft and the rocker by the fire was a little piece of heaven for me. Of course the jacuzzi and “rain”shower was beyond words. All in such a beautiful setting, hidden away. I am so thankful for God’s glorious creation of nature and for people like you who make it possible to experience…..P.K.

We’ve had an amazing stay, and want to thankyou. Our next vacation will be here. R.T.

It was fantastic! The ambiance, such peacefulness, was wonderful. The hike down the trail was an added pleasure. We look forward to returning…B.J.

Thankyou so much! not only for a great cottage,but also for all the care that has been put into it.K.C.

This was the most romantic time. Thanks for everything nice, special touches, and an environment to appreciate forever. M.S

.Thankyou so much for providing a place that fosters such romance. We’ve been surrounded by seclusion and tranquility. This will be an annual event. M.S.

This was a magic and romantic weekend. This was almost home away from home! We put on our music…and just relaxed! We feel so peaceful. We will be back. G.A.

It is such a wonderful thing to know true peace and happiness. M.N.

As it has been said in this book 100 times before…this place is magical. There is a true splendor in the silence, solitude, and peace that surrounds this cottage. I truthfully can’t remember a time that I’ve been somewhere away from home and been so pleased…..Thankyou for providing this endearing Home…We are truly blessed of God to have found you! C.P.

I always find such peace and renewal when I’m here. From the solitude of the pond to the beauty of the mountains, Bonnybrooke stays with me long after I leave and brings me back again and again…K.

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We’re located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas


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