Real World Reviews

Just a small taste of real world guests and what they have to say about Bonnybrooke Farms atop Misty Mountain! Enjoy!!

  • A wonderful place, indeed…!! We so enjoyed the peace and your thoughtful touches.. As we’re driving down 71 on our way to Kansas City, I’m thinking of Bonnybrooke … Thanks again, Lissa
  • would love to thank you on such a beautiful place to stay I love your set up your property is so amazing I absolutely love your waterfall and lil pond ,,We had so much fun and the people were so nice everywhere we went I felt at home 😀you will definitely hear from me again I can’t wait till another trip I would love to move there 😋words can’t express how much I loved it there much love Chad !!!💙
  • We are leaving our little nest above the barn…. part of us remains here. Thanks for the memories that stay with us of Barn Rose…Lissa
  • Perfect getaway for us for our 22nd wedding anniversary! It’s quiet and peaceful with beautiful views! Everything is set up for couples… tlthomason001
  • This is our second time staying in the Moonflower cottage and enjoying the tranquility and peaceful surroundings of Misty Mountain. gentryk1979
  • My boyfriend and I wanted to have a romantic weekend getaway for our 9th anniversary and this was the perfect place! Beautiful and quiet… tryingtoannoyyou

We can’t wait to see you and what you think when you visit our mountain top… click here to learn more about BonnyBrooke and our luxury cabins in Eureka Springs, AR!



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